Hino Hybrid Electric

The Power of Change

Up to 20% Savings

On fuel and emmisions reductions.

Self Charging

No need to plug in.
No range limitations.

Reduced Maintenance

Reduce annual maintenance costs by 16%

Paving the way for greener transportation.

Discover the incredible power of the Hino 300 Series Hybrid Electric truck. With its innovative design, this truck utilises both an electric motor and a diesel engine, seamlessly working together to maximise efficiency and performance. Whether it’s the electric motor, the diesel engine, or a combination of both, the Hino 300 Series Hybrid Electric intelligently switches between power sources, ensuring optimal energy usage.

Future Proofing Transportation

How the Hino Hybrid Electric works

Operating the Hino 300 series Hybrid Electric


The Hino 300 Series Hybrid Electric utilises an electric motor and a diesel engine working in parallel, intelligently switching between the two or a combination of both – to boost efficiency. Maximum torque generated at very low rpm minimises fuel use resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions.


Powered by the N04C four cylinder engine and the electric motor, the hybrid driveline delivers a combined 150hp and 470Nm of torque from a very low 1200RPM

Emissions Standard

Meeting Euro 6 emissions standards through the exhaust gas after-treatment unit which contains a Diesel Particulate Reduction system and Selective Catalytic Reduction system.

Automated Transmissions

The six-speed automated transmission is coupled directly to the electric motor, which assists with quicker and smoother gear shifts.


6.5” high definition, capacitive touch screen is capable of connecting up to four multi-position cameras, with AM/FM and DAB+ radio, Bluetooth and mobile phone connectivity.


Superior levels of interior ergonomics have been designed with the driver in mind. Improved dash layout, ample storage, new steering wheel controls and enhanced driver comfort.

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